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Sensie's Nolan and Bidwell have been able to bring out a new side of our 4 year old daughter Reagan. Her first few weeks at karate she would not go out on the mat, 6 months later she was being praised for her focus and strong voice in class. Karate has been great for our daughter both physically and mentally. She is more confident, outgoing, and enjoys physical activities as much as she enjoys art/reading.
Tanya Eastman
We started our son in karate about a year ago to help him learn discipline and as an outlet for his energy. He loves learning karate and both the Sensei's at Team Dewitt. It is a small dojo so we feel like Sensei's Nolan and Bidwell know all of the students personally and can give the children the time they need.
Ashley Cross
I signed up during the fitness challenge after I returned from Army basic training to keep my PT scores up and possibly learn something to take to my Army combatives classes. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by the most friendly faces who little did I know were ready to kick me into shape. Sensei Bidwell and Nolan always had me leaving the dojo with a positive attitude and feeling motivated.
Kristin Hughes
Impact Martial Arts has been a second home to me. My brother, cousin, and aunt have trained along side me. My karate dojo has been so supportive of me during my black belt journey. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Joining karate was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Abbey Yonta
I enrolled my son into the Martial Arts about 8 years ago, mostly for something to do and expend some energy. Noah as achieved so much in the time he has been there, he is focused, alert, polite, well adjusted and very responsible young adult. He strives for good grades and loves to help others.I owe a lot of this to the Sensei's Nolan and Bidwell for their consistent message and no excuse attitude. I would recommend any young or old 'child' to come to the dojo to see how it can make you better. There are a lot of examples of this as you can tell, and I have been thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and caring this dojo has shown all its members and guests.
W. Pierce Johnson
Impact Martial Arts and Fitness has been nothing but a positive influence on myself and my two sons. My oldest son started with the program to gain confidence and my youngest to gain self control. The results were gradual but always progressing. I started martial arts training to get in better shape. I did get in better shape. However, the confidence I have in myself and the "can do attitude" is solely attributed to my training at Impact Martial Arts. It's not just about the dojo, its about the two dynamic Sensei's and the members of Team Dewitt that make it a great place to learn and train in the Martial Arts.
Joe Cantone
We signed our son up at Team Dewitt hoping martial arts training would help him with coordination, focus, and self discipline. It did, but what I didn't foresee is that six months later I'd be signing up for classes myself. Five years later at age 57 I'm in better condition than ever before in my life.
Rich Holmes
Team Dewitt is like our second family. Our son, Alexsander started here when he was 6. He is now 13, and a 2nd degree. Mike and I joined shortly after he did and achieved our black belts as did our other son, Gabe. We have grown as a family and also individually, thanks to our training and the support from other students, and especially both of our Senseis. They have adapted to our varying needs, and helped address all our "trouble areas" with positive support, which has led to confidence and a better quality of life. We are healthy, happy and balanced and Impact plays a big part in making that happen.
Jen and Mike Kelsey
When my son was 3y.o. his preschool offered this program & although I was unsure about it I allowed him to participate. Not only was I "hooked" but my son was too. Here we are 4yrs. later & his passion for this has never subsided! Sensei Nolan & Bidwell are PHENOMENAL! They both have a special gift when it comes to working with kids & I can't say enough good things about them or the Dojo. This has given my son confidence, self sufficiency & also has corrected some bad behavior issues & brought his grades up! BOTH Sensei's are 'hands-on' & are very involved every step of the way. Impressive is an understatement!!!! This Dojo is like a family...
Justine Cheng
My two sons, ages 5 and 6, are so committed to their martial arts at this dojo, it really surprises me. They started taking classes here about 2 and 3 years ago (respectively) and we have not skipped too many classes since. At their ages, I would not have expected them to stick to a specific sport, (we've tried soccer and swimming too) but they want to do other sports along with martial arts. They love being karate kids! The Sensei's establish such a rapport with the kids that the kids feel as part of a unique team. The classes are fun and innovative, have a quick and fun curriculum in which the Sensei's convey the message of overall physical and mental health (for example about self control) and talk about nutrition. Of course classes include martial arts moves and cardio so by the time my boys are done with a class, they are happy, sweaty, and tired!!! And am a happy mom!!!
Susana Edmond
Impact Martial Arts and Fitness is a great karate school. They not only teach self-defense techniques, but they also teach the kids about respect, discipline and self-confidence. Sensei Bidwell and Sensei Nolan are awesome at what they do, and I would recommend this school to anyone!
Lisa Farnsworth
My husband has lost nearly 100 pounds by going to this martial arts school. They are really great with children of all ages. Nothing but positives to say about these guys.
Tiffany Nichols
Team Dewitt has been such a great experience for both our sons, age 7 and 17. Our 7 year old has been with the program for 3 years now and we have seen significant improvements with his behavior at home and school. Sensei Bidwell and Sensei Nolan make it so much fun for the kids while instilling such core values as respect and self discipline at the same time. We highly recommend this dojo!!
Andy & Jennifer Meyers
My oldest son was introduced to Team DeWitt at an after school program three years ago. We wanted to help him with his body and mind focus. What happened over the next few months was amazing! Today he is a red belt with confidence, poise and a much greater degree of self control. Sensei Nolan and Sensei Bidwell are amazing coaches, trainers, and mentors. They bring out the best in every student from the young little dragon to the mid-50's white belt. My younger son, my wife and I all followed shortly after and are training with Impact Martial Arts and Fitness Team DeWitt. Every time we bow into the Dojo, tie on our belts and step on the mats, we are immersed in a family focused, incredibly positive environment! Team Dewitt is, hands down the best place to train in and learn Martial Arts in CNY!
Rob Finger
At age 49, I walked into Impact Martial Arts with an AIC of 10.9. I was on insulin and death's doorstep. I wanted and needed to make a complete change in my lifestyle. Sensei Nolan said he would help me. In 7 months I lost 52 lbs. My AIC was 5.7. I no longer needed insulin or meds of any kind. Three years later, people who knew me then, don't recognize me now. I look and feel better than I did 25 years ago. The best decision I ever made was to go to Impact Martial Arts and Fitness. Thank you Sensei Nolan and Sensei Bidwell, you are the best!
Juanita Horan
Best dojo EVER! Sensei Nolan and Sensei Bidwell are absolutely fantastic!! They are not only great with kids, they are great with everyone, no matter your age. My kids have been training at the dojo for over a year and would never want to train anywhere else! I recently started training at the dojo myself and absolutely love it!
Wendy Carlton
I love it at the dojo there is always someone motivating you to do better and not to give up. I'm so glad i started training.
Tom Carlton
We love this dojo! Our kids, ages 11 and nearly 13, have trained at the DeWitt dojo for about 6 years; they began after attending a birthday party and have never looked back. We love the welcoming, accepting atmosphere, the rapport the Senseis build with the group and with each individual student, and the positive attitudes modeled and reinforced regularly. The Senseis are skilled teachers and clearly enjoy what they do. Both of our kids have made major improvements in coordination, fitness, focus and confidence, and we have seen these gains carry over into all other aspects of their lives. Thanks, Senseis!
L. Langenberg
I was a "raised eyebrow" karate mom at first; a skeptic. In no time at all, it became clear to me that the senseis at the DeWitt dojo had the best interests of my son in mind. When we needed them, the senseis filled the role of "third parent." The emphasis on doing your best in all areas: the dojo, school, home, community makes lessons learned at the dojo extend beyond its walls. These guys instill values our family embraces (modesty, courtesy, integrity, self-control, perseverance, indomitable spirit). They see students as individuals while helping them become part of a vibrant community. Team DeWitt provides a positive place for students of all ages and abilities. My son has been with them for seven years, and plans to stay until he leaves for college...Senseis Nolan and Bidwell have provided years of fun, challenging, reliable fitness and life lessons. Go see for yourself!
Maureen DeChick
We've been so impressed with the way Sensei Nolan and Sensei Bidwell get to know every kid, and take time during every class to build a sense of community. Also the fact that they both have hilarious senses of humor. We love the progress our kids have made and the pride they take in what they learn. We never thought our kids were "athletic" but they love cardio and are so clearly getting stronger and more confident.
Bridget McManus
I have been training here for 5 years, and I have been very happy about it. I think Sensei Nolan and Sensei Bidwell teach the kids (and adults) here strength,agility, and perseverance. I continue to love it here,and have ever since I was 4. :)(:
Alainna Pack
We enrolled our daughter at age 3 thinking karate would a fun activity for her. It's been almost 2 years and so much more! She absolutely loves it and has gotten so much stronger and more confident. This dojo takes the time to get to know every child and parent and genuinely cares. They not only teach self defense, but discipline, courtesy, and respect. Sensei's Nolan and Bidwell are absolutely wonderful and very patient. I can't say enough good things about them! Impact Team Dewitt are well worth the time and money.
Maria Simpson